“A couple of weeks ago I purchased Oxy-Boost and Oxy-Grout and decided to try them both out on my dirty tile grout on my kitchen counters. I did a little comparison test. One counter Oxy-Boost, the other counter Oxy-Grout to determine which product worked the best and with the least amount.

Well, I was pleased with both. I think they cleaned equally well. The Oxy-Boost worked more quickly and needed little to no scrubbing but needed hotter water. The Oxy-Grout cleaned equally well but it needed a little more scrubbing (but not much).”

“Cleaning is now a pleasure! No odor and results without all the elbow grease. Many thanks.”

“Thank you so much and I do love these products…with all of my allergies…it is great to have natural choices…”

“We are very happy to have discovered you! I have a very rare autoimmune disease called polymyositis. My immune system attacks my muscles instead of what it is suppose to attack. Because my immune system is no longer functional, it cannot protect me from the toxins in chemicals. This has caused a severe case of MCS. I am grateful to have found your Natural Choice products. Congratulations on your anniversary. Keep up the good work.”

“Thanks! Great product, love ya’lls stuff and I tell all my friends about you!!”

nt of effort. I mentioned on the phone when I was ordering that I would report back my results.

“Thanks so much – you guys rock. I’ve recommended you to a local environmentally-friendly cleaning service called Mrs. Lavender, who is interested in your products. FYI, I was motivated to find an effective cleaning solution for getting oil out of sheets (yes, I’m a massage therapist), and after years of trial and error, your stuff is it! Thank you again”

“My friend Maureen told me this stuff was great (see her testimonials) so I decided to try. We are organic vegetable farmers and I don’t know why we buy white socks and t-shirts, but we do. I did the kids socks and was impressed so I got some of my husband’s “clean” white shirts from his shelf…noticeably whiter. I have a front loader that never really fills fully and have had success just stopping the cycle and soaking in a little water. Then it was on to the shower walls and the stove top. All I can say is thanks.”

“….Also I have a success story for you. I took 3 kids strawberry picking this year. I am sure you can imagine how their clothes looked. Totally heavily stained with strawberries. Well when we got home I put the clothes in cold water and added Oxy-Boost, let it soak for 20 min. and all the stains were gone. It worked great…. Thanks,” Pam

“I have never endorsed a product, but I could not go without singing praises of Oxy-Boost!! We have a 4th generation christening gown which my grandson will wear this weekend. I tried the soaking method that the antique linen pros recommend. It was somewhat effective, but not to my satisfaction. I called and ordered Oxy-Boost next day delivery because I was desperate needing the gown to be ready this weekend. I started soaking the gown this a.m. After almost a day of soaking the gown has come out white and bright!!! No one is going to believe it is over a hundred years old!!! Thank you, thank you…..

“…I just want to thank you so much for the bottle of Orange 100. What an amazing product! Believe me when I say that I have tried any and all degreasers, including the orange ones…and yours is the best by far. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get the grease off my wood kitchen cabinets. Everything else I’ve tried left them sticky and tacky, particularly the cabinets closest to my stove. Orange 100 removed all traces of grime and left them clean and unharmed. When I came to work today I told all my coworkers about your remarkable products. I am a customer for life. Thank You Again,”

“THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY E-MAIL SO PROMPTLY!! The order arrived today. Your customer service rates right up there with L.L. BEAN & LANDS END!!!!! I’m sure you will be as successful… I am recommending your products and company to all my friends!! THANKS AGAIN!”

“Great product and my linens are beautiful.”

“The Oxy-Boost works great! I did what you said and washed the diapers first, then soaked them in hot water with detergent and 6 oz of Oxy-Boost overnight and they came out looking brand new! It even took out the old set in stains! I’m thoroughly impressed.”

“I still hadn’t even finished unpacking the box, but when I saw the Natural Shine. I decided to try it. As I told you on the phone my son colored with crayon on a large wooden castle and large wooden play stand. I couldn’t get it off so my neighbor gave me her soft scrub to try. It ruined my kid’s toys! The bleach in it took off some of the crayon and bleached all of the areas it touched. I felt so bad about it – the crayon had looked better. Well, I sprayed on the Natural Shine and it totally restored the wood. I can’t believe it. I hadn’t used a harsh chemical product in 4 1/2 years and after this incident I can assure you I never will again. I’m already a huge Oxy-Boost fan – now Natural Shine as well – I can’t wait to try EVERYTHING you sell!”

“Ireceived the replacement kit today, and it was in perfect order. Thank you!!! I also tried both the Oxy-Boost and the Orange Power [editor’s note: Orange Power is now called Orange 100]…and they are WONDERFUL. I had a chocolate syrup stain on my off-white berber carpet that nothing would remove, and it’s GONE….I couldn’t believe it. The back splash on my stove where the clock and timer are were all greasy, and I could never get them as clean as I wanted to, but the Orange Power got it clean with a single wipe down. I LOVE this stuff….I’m trying some of the Oxy-Boost in my laundry as I type this, and after seeing what it did on my carpet I’m sure I’ll be thrilled with the results….
Thank you again!!!!”

“…we tested the Mineral Magic product on an abandoned toilet. It removed 1/16th inch of hard mineral deposits in less than 5 minutes. The deposit was covering the entire area of the bowl which would normally be underwater in an un-flushed toilet. This is the best performance we’ve ever seen!…”

“I am utterly impressed. I soaked a vintage ‘yellowed’ pillowcase overnight in a solution of Oxy-boost and it came out FABBBBBBBBulously white!!!!! I almost can’t believe it!”
Regards, Char 🙂

“I was in error when I wrote you last September. I said your product appeared as effective as the other Oxi product. I now know it’s far better.”

“I am so glad I have discovered Oxy-Boost and Orange Power [editor’s note: Orange Power is now called Orange 100]! I ordered some about a month ago and began cleaning everything in sight to try it out. They did a fantastic job on everything I cleaned! Now I have re-ordered and plan to make these 2 products the only cleaning products I will ever use in my home. I even convinced my sister to order some. Keep up the good work and thanks for making these products available at such reasonable prices.”

“Your products are fantastic. I ordered Oxyboost and Oxy-Prime a couple of weeks ago and I am totally hooked. My 2-year-old daughter does a good job messing up her clothes. Oxy-Prime took out old stains that I thought would never come out. Not only will I never use another detergent, I’m telling everyone I know how great your products work. Thank you!”

“I recently received my first order of Oxyboost and Orange Power[editor’s note: Orange Power is now called Orange 100]. I have tried about everything to clean the vinyl liner of our pool with no luck. I used Oxyboost and was amazed how well it took off the lime/calcium deposits and other grime that gets on the liner. I am definitely “sold” and just purchased 20 more pounds…”

“Just wanted you to know I’m reordering Oxyboost for the third time… can’t be without it! I’ve used it to remove pet stains from carpets, difficult stains from clothing and tablecloths, and to clean my deck. Recently, when I was out of bleach and really needed to do a load of whites, I added Oxyboost and soaked the load for an hour. To my surprise, everything was cleaner and whiter than it had ever been with bleach… not to mention how much gentler Oxyboost is compared to bleach. Thanks for a great product!”
Linda S.

“I surfed and surfed and surfed, trying to find a way to remove banana peel juice from a my favorite pair of slacks. Nobody had any words of wisdom for this predicament. I had tried everything I could think of. To add insult to injury, I left the pants in the dryer and really set in the stain. For lack of any better ideas, I ordered a sampler of your products. Overnight, I soaked the slacks and a very nice shirt with perspiration stains in an OxyBoost solution. I made significant headway with both! Then I took an old toothbrush with OxyBoost paste and removed the last of the stains. I was thrilled, because I purchase high quality clothing and expect to get many wearings out of each garment. Replacing them can be very expensive. The very next week, I got ballpoint ink on the exact same slacks. OxyBoost to the rescue again!!!!
Last week, I came home to a sick dog, numerous messes on the carpeting and a very stinky house. Thanks to your products and a hand held carpet shampooer, the only traces of that disaster are some exceptionally clean spots on the carpeting. I’m very concerned about toxic cleaning products since I got a dog. Dogs lick their paws, eat things off of the floor and sniff everything. My furry friend has suffered no ill effects from your products. We’re both happy! ”
Cheri & Santana

“I just had to send you this. I am a mother of two young children. No a day goes by that I do not get smeared with – who knows what. From peanut butter to poop. After a while I started noticing that my t-shirts were not getting clean in the wash. They went through many washer and dryer cycles trying to get the old “ghosts” of stains past to come out. I even added a scoop of OxyBoost to some of the loads. I mean these spots were old and SET in to the cotton fabric. As a last resort before I chucked about $500 worth of shirts, I did an OxyBoost soak. I filled the washer with hot water, put in about 5 scoops of OxyBoost and my shirts. I let the whole mess sit for about four hours and then washed the load like normal. Every single one of those shirts came clean. It was amazing.”

“I love your products. 🙂 The Oxy Boost works fabulously on the stains my cats leave on my light blue carpet. :)”

“I have used Oxyboost in my laundry for several months now and have been extremely pleased with the results. It wasn’t until four weeks ago that I found out just how amazing this natural product was. My son was walking from the kitchen to the dining room with a full plate of spaghetti and homemade marinara sauce in hand. He lost his footing and proceeded to drop the entire plate onto the one year old, cream colored carpeting in the dining room. Needless to say, he was horrified and so was I. He immediately picked up all the spaghetti as I mixed a strong solution of Oxyboost. I applied it to the large red stained carpeting. I thought for sure that I would be calling the carpet store to replace the entire dining room carpeting but, to my amazement, about an hour later there was no detectable sign of anything being spilled at all. The next day after the carpet was completely dry, I vacuumed it. It’s been four weeks now and nothing has reappeared. I love this product and I’ve told all my friends about it. Thank you Catherine for making this product available.
Sincerely, Paula ”

“Your company has been great…The sample package that I had order was ruined and you replaced at no cost to me. As I stated in my last letter this is why I will more than likely order from you again and I’m going to just as soon as I finish this letter. I have NEVER used a product that cleans as well as the oxy-boost does. I don’t know how many thanks are enough..”

“I Last night I cleaned the coffee pot with Oxy-Boost… It was remarkable how it took away the coffee stains (that would not come out in the dishwasher). Thanks again.”

“I bought the Oxiclean product at a local mall, and liked it. I was running out, and decided to perform an online search to comparison shop, when I located your website. Your product appears as effective, but is much cheaper; even though the other Oxiclean has lowered it’s price, they are charging an outrageous shipping amount, making their price/pound $2.16 MORE than your product.
Theirs: $8.95/2.5 lb. plus $8.95 shipping = $7.16/lb.
OxyBoost $25/6 lb. Plus $4.95 shipping = $5.00/pound.
I’m buying YOUR product…”

“I just wanted to let you know that I ordered a sample of Oxy Boost and Orange Power. I used the Oxy Boost and it worked great!!! I ordered it for some cola stains on my car mats. It not only removed the new stains but the removed stains from over a year ago!! It also removed strawberry stains on my living room carpet. My husband had taken out the trash after I had gone to bed and didn’t realize that the bag had leaked thawed out strawberries until after he returned. He wiped up what he could before going to bed. When I got up the next morning I decided to give the Oxy Boost a try. I was skeptical and didn’t really expect it to work but was amazed by the results. My husband was shocked. He was convinced we would need to rent one of those big carpet shampoo machines but when he looked, he couldn’t even tell where the stains had been. I will definitely be ordering a supply for my laundry and other cleaning needs! .
Thanks again for such a wonderful product.”

“I hosted my playgroup yesterday (six kids) and I had them in the backyard and thought I’d let them play with crayons. So they were playing and the moms were keeping their eyes on the kids. One kid took a broken red crayon and we did not see her, she went to the side of the house and drew pictures ALL OVER the side of the house. Of course, these crayons were the ones on sale, non-washable. So the mom is yelling at the kid and I said simply, “NO PROBLEM, let me get my ORANGE POWER.” Sure enough, to the amazement of the moms, it removed the crayons without any elbow grease. They commented on the wonderful smell of the oranges…..”

“I have to tell you about the amazing experience I had with Oxy-Boost. My dog became quite ill one evening while I was out of my apartment. Everything that SHOULD have stayed in my dog came out of her — all over my rug. I came home to find vomit, urine, blood, and diarrhea all over my beige carpet (which I already vacuum ever day), so you can imagine what a shock that was! My poor dog and I went immediately to the emergency vet, and when we got home, I had a really formidable and revolting mess to tend to. Out came the Oxy-Boost, and lots of paper towels. I probably overused the powder, because I made a heavy paste which I smeared all over the mess, and then poured hot water over it to facilitate cleaning. I scrubbed the rug (about an 8×8 area total of mess) and never even gagged, because the powder neutralized the odor instantly. Those stains faded INSTANTLY — even the feces, which was really gross. I let it dry, vacuumed it up. NOT ANY TRACE OF THE HORRIBLE MESS! Even my mother couldn’t find the spot if she tried. I never want to be without my Oxy-Boost! And it’s so much cheaper than the other cleaners out there.” Thanks,
V in NY

“I just wanted you to know that I am always very skeptical of advertising claims. Before I tried the Oxy-Boost on my precious 90-year-old christening dress, I decided to test it on some old linens. We are in the process of cleaning out my ninety-two-year-old mother-in-law’s house after settling her in a nursing home. Many of these linens belonged to HER mother and have been folded away for probably over 50 years. I took some of the yellowest, scuzziest pillowcases, doilies, and table linens I could find and soaked them in Oxy-Boost for 5 hours. I was absolutely amazed. These things look brand new! Needless to say, the christening dress looks fantastic and we will be proud to have our first grandchild wear it next week. Also needless to say, I will be ordering a larger size Oxy-Boost shortly. Thanks loads for getting the first order to me so quickly — and thanks for GREAT product!”

“My husband is a chef and wears white chef coats that get covered in blood, oil, chocolate, fruit purees — everything. The owner of the restaurant was upset that his coats were so stained and suggested soaking them in pails of straight bleach each night (which we wouldn’t do). I did an Oxy-Boost load and much to everyone’s shock — ALL of the stains (years’ worth) came out. He now wears the whitest coats in the kitchen. We are trying to convince the owner to sample some himself, as he is environmentally conscious in so many other ways………”.

“I found that the Oxy-Boost was the preferable product for cleaning the soap scum. However, I did use the Orange Power on some stained plastic strips for outdoor furniture and it cleaned them up beautifully. I am pleased with the products.”

“We just bought a home and we used it (Oxy-Boost) in the shower. The real estate people thought we would have to get a new shower and they were pricing them at $100 but my boyfriend and I put Oxy-Boost to the test. The shower looks brand new and all we hat to do is let it sit overnight and with a little scrubbing we saved $100. Oxy-Boost paid for itself. Thank You”

“I am pleased to report that the cleaner (Oxy-Boost) was effective on the cola stains. It did not damage the car seats and worked on the stains. My niece is very relieved!”
E. Arnold

“I tried both the OXY-BOOST and ORANGE POWER and am VERY IMPRESSED with both of them. I would love to sell the products….
I tried the OXY-BOOST on some old stains on the carpet and it took it right up. Now my little one can spill all the grape juice and Mom can smile when she looks at the mess.”

“I just tried OXY-BOOST on my teenagers white sneakers that were 6 months old. I can’t believe how white they came out. The grass stains were gone, it was remarkable.
Something brown had been set into the couch so I rubbed a little on those stains and they vanished in a few seconds. I am going to reorder the LARGE size.
You sure impressed me!”
Thanks. Nancy

“I had to write a letter thanking you. I am almost speechless of how thankful I am for your products, OXY-BOOST and ORANGE POWER.
We are currently in a rental property and in the process of moving into our new home. Well, my daughter had an accident and spilled orange soda on our white carpet. We had Sears come in to clean all the carpet throughout the entire house, but primarily to try and get the orange stain out. They did try their best-but no luck, the stain would not budge.
I was preparing myself to be charged for recarpeting the whole house. Just by chance I found your web site, and must admit I was not a believer, just desperate at this stage! I ordered a small quantity of OXY-BOOST and ORANGE POWER not expecting either of them to work!
This weekend I opened the box with not much enthusiasm-again not expecting any positive result. I followed the instructions and could not believe my eyes-this orange stain, from a pure white rug has totally disappeared. Not a trace in sight. I am so very thankful, I cannot tell you how much money your product has saved us.
My husband was so impressed by OXY-BOOST he detailed both of our vehicles this weekend with ORANGE POWER-the vehicles looked brand new.
Thank you again, I am telling everyone at work how wonderful your product is-I am definitely going to continue to use your products, the list you sent you sent me is endless on how they can be used, I am almost looking for things to spruce up.”
Sincerely Yours,
A Very Happy Customer

“My sister asked me to e-mail you and let you know that she received her OXY-BOOST yesterday and immediately soaked our family’s christening gown which had been stained from many years of use. She just called to tell me how gorgeous it looks so my sister thanks you, I thank you, and the baby (who will be wearing the gown) thanks you, too.”

“I received my order and I am loving it so far. I’ve only begun to clean!”

“…I can’t tell you how much fun I have had cleaning my house and doing laundry over the weekend! I’ve tried your product on everything from clothes, to the shower, to stains on the carpet and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’m nine months pregnant and I’ve actually enjoyed cleaning my house! Imagine that. My husband swears that if I say OXY-BOOST one more time he may scream! Thanks for the terrific product! You have a customer for life.”

“… I ordered a sample from your web site a couple of weeks ago and I can’t tell you how much I love your products! I’ll definitely never buy another cleaning product again! I only wish I’d known about them when I was pregnant and used to hold my breath and run out of the bathroom anytime I wanted to clean it!
I’m the type of person who absolutely hates to clean, but I find that the nice smell of oranges has actually made me more willing to tackle those nasty jobs (like the bathroom!) and I’m so happy to have an alternative to bleach for my laundry, too….”

“That’s the last time I let myself run out of Oxy-Boost! It was awful! I tried 2 other non-chlorine, oxygen-based bleaches and they just didn’t measure up at all. Neither could get my cloth menstrual pads as clean and fresh as Oxy-Boost. The rest of my laundry suffered, too; especially the whites. After a while, I just decided not to do any more until I got my Oxy-Boost!I also missed using Oxy-Boost to clean my toilets. It does a super job in the bathroom as well as in the laundry.
And I couldn’t start painting my bedroom until I got Oxy-Boost to wash the walls with first. That’s the way I’ve always done it, it works, and I’m not about to change.
Some things you just shouldn’t mess with!
Then there’s the story of one of my favorite T-shirts. It had a casualty with a messy leaking diaper. Stains on the shoulder and across the chest. The mother of the baby washed the shirt for me and I wasn’t surprised when she apologized for not getting the stains out. I, of course, soaked it overnight in Oxy-Boost and rewashed it. No more stains! I wasn’t at all surprised about that, either. The next time I saw my friend and was wearing the shirt (which is a lime green color), she looked me over closely and said,”There’s no more stain! I’ve got to get me some of that Oxy-Boost stuff!” She really does need it-she’s using cloth diapers for her baby. I can’t think of anything that would work better on cloth diapers than Oxy-Boost. I wish I would have had it for my daughter’s diapers 9 years ago!
My friend doesn’t have to wait long-I’m giving her some Oxy-Boost to try. It’s coming with the turtle sandbox that’s been sitting, full of sand and water and leaves, in our yard for a number of years. I told her that I’ll send some Oxy-Boost over to soak the mildew out of the sand box. I also told her don’t even try anything else! I’ll send enough for her to use on her diapers, too, and I’m sure you’ll have another loyal customer!
I haven’t mentioned the litter boxes yet. I use Oxy-Boost to clean my cats’ boxes. I have 2; cats and litter boxes. Oxy-Boost is what I trust to take care of the strong odors and to be gentle on my animals at the same time.
Next year when we paint our house I plan on washing the outside with Oxy-Boost before we paint, just like I do when I paint inside. I’ll use one of those sprayer things and shoot it up there!
Just 2 more things-I’ll probably think of even more after I’ve sent this off to you!I used Oxy-Boost once to get the black burnt stuff off the pan when I left the empty pan I had made popcorn in on the burner, which was still on. What a mess! My husband said,”We’re probably going to have to throw that pan away now!” Nope, it was good as new after soaking for a day with Oxy-Boost. And last, but not least, as they say, Oxy-Boost is great for cleaning teacups. I soak the stained cups in the sink overnight in Oxy-Boost, and the next I have sparkling white teacups and a sparkling clean sink, too!
Thank you for a great product. Can I put in a standing order so I never run out of Oxy-Boost again? I almost have to put my life on hold when that happens; and being a working mom, I can’t afford to do that! ”
Warm regards,

“I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product… I have been putting about a teaspoon, or less in a big spray bottle and I use it to pre-treat stains on clothes. Some of the stains almost disappear instantly and some go through a couple of washes and the stain is gone. I have also found it to work wonders on greasy stains, such as cooking oils and butter. I have gotten both of them materials on some expensive shirts and used the cleaner on them both and the spots were gone. Thanks again… and I am so glad that I found your site.. I was searching for a site on that product that is advertised on TV, OxiClean.. and I happened to come across your site instead…
OHHH.. P.S. I had a nasty old stain on the drivers seat of my van.. it has been there for a long time and seemed to be getting darker and darker… last night I sprayed it down with your product and let it sit for a little while.. then I went out with a wet towel to wipe over it and this morning the seat is all one color.. light grey tweed. It is GREAT!!! ”
Thanks. Sincerely,

“Hi, I am so happy I found your products. They work!!!!!!!!! I have used products from the health food store for yrs to try to help the enviornment and our own health but nothing compares to yours. I LOVE ordering from WI too since that is my birth state and I usually find honest people with honest products (NO BIAS THERE!!!!) Love, Karen S.”

“Catherine –
Got the order Tuesday, oh how I love your products! I bought the little OxyBoost for my brother, who is not exactly the King of Laundry — he has to use the pay washers at his apartment. Oxy seems to work best when you soak overnight — any suggestions for helping him make sure his whites sparkle? Mine are fabulous, of course, but his are always dingy, even when he uses Oxy. Can’t wait to try the laundry softener, it smells good, quite unique.

OxyBoost has made a huge difference in my life (3 dogs, lots of stains as you can imagine, actually, no stains, as you can imagine) 🙂


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